21 And Over (2013) Movie Review

21 and Over
  • Country:USA

Review (Might Contain Spoilers)

Wow, I have been out of the game for a quite a while now due to a long extended vacation. I am sorry for not updating the website more regularly but since I am back, it should resume with updates now. I got to see the advanced screening of the 21 and Over last week in an almost empty theater. Well I knew the reason by the end of the movie.

The movie starts off with 2 friends, one very irritating loud mouth portrayed by Miles Teller and level headed Stanford guy Casey portrayed by Skylar Austin visiting their best bud Jeff Chang portrayed by Justin Chon studying at med school for his 21st birthday. They plan for a wild night out against the better judgement of Jeff and Casey even as Jeff has very important interview next morning.

As they  go out, things get out of control and Jeff ends up being totally drunk and passes out. The other two friends do not know where Jeff leaves and thus begins the adventure which lasts the whole night with special appearances from Russell Hodgkinson, nude cheerleaders, Bull, jealous boyfriend and angry Latina sorority. As they navigate through each obstacle and more things are revealed, the story starts to unfold. Things are not what they seems in each of friends life’s and they releases they are not as close as they thought or liked to be.

21 and over does have few comic stretches but they are few and far between. You would expect more for the makers of The Hangover but it is what it is, a futile try at making another great Superbad or Project X but fails miserably. Sarah Wright is the only relief in the film with her quirky, sweet college girl look.

21 and over could easily be passed on for another B grade American Pie remakes. The story line is predictable and slow moving. The antics are old and characters are one dimensional. Go for this movie if you have nothing else to do.

My review for this movie: Skip it!

Rating: 3/10




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