Lincoln (2012) Movie Review

  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Countries:USA, India
  • Actors:
    Robert Todd Lincoln
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Abraham Lincoln
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    Thaddeus Stevens
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Alexander Stephens
    Jackie Earle Haley
    Michael Stuhlbarg
    Mary Todd Lincoln
    Sally Field
    WN Bilbo
    James Spader
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Jared Harris
    Fernando Wood
    Lee Pace
    Robert Latham
    John Hawkes
  • Writers:
    Tony Kushner
    Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Producers:
    Kathleen Kennedy
    Jonathan King
    executive producer  
    Daniel Lupi
    executive producer  
    Kristie Macosko
    Jeff Skoll
    executive producer  
    Adam Somner
    Steven Spielberg

Review (Might Contain Spoilers)

I am sorry for not posting this review earlier as I have been busy with work last couple of weeks. I saw this movie last week at advanced screening and was moved by it. As soon as I was walking out of the theater I wanted to run back in and see it all over again. It is one of those movies that you cannot wait to come out of DVD/Blu-Ray and would go see in theater at least couple of times. As if we had any doubts about Steven Spielberg’s directing prowess before, it would be completed swept aside after this movie. This movie has the making of a definitive movie for Abraham Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis in his portrayal as history’s most iconic figure with fervor, integrity and truthfulness that makes it one of the most memorable performances ever from him and will have you in tears.

It is seldom that actor does such a good job at getting lost in his character that you believe he is the real guy and not someone portraying on screen. Daniel Day-Lewis must have trapped himself in a room reading all of the information and books on Abraham Lincoln. He not only delivers flawless performances but you see the side of Lincoln which most of the people do not know. He was a tall, smart man, a great narrator, shrewd politician and honest husband. We see him facing surmounting obstacles as the civil war is raging on US soil, while he tackles the sitting house democrats to pass the Emancipation Proclamation, his own republican party seeking peace with the Confederates and his wife (Sally Field) still grieving over the lost of their son. Sally Field performs great in her portrayal as Madame President having very opinionated views and watchful eye for backdoor deals and party politics always watching out for her husband. Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens puts in a powerful and moving performance as an outspoken Republican who believes that all men are equal and is always poked by Democrats to say something outrageous to work against the amendment bill.

At the home front, you see the amazing chemistry between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln as they both are coping with the lose of their child and party politics. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Lincoln puts in brilliant performance. Both of them provide great depth of the movie. But at the end of the day its a Daniel Day-Lewis movie. It takes someone only like him to make us remind how wonderful the famous icon was. He does great justice to his role as Lincoln and deserves to be portrayed as world’s most iconic figure.

The story begins after the 2nd re-election of the president and with civil war in its forth year. Lot of blood is spilling over the American land and people want to end the war. The story line is tight and all the historic facts are kept accurate. The direction is brilliant and make-up artist have done great job at showing in great detail the era of Lincoln. Based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book – Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, it shows how Lincoln overcame outrageous odds and passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery while shrewdly working across party lines and trying to acquire peace with South. It is an intense, near-perfect film which shouts to be seen by every American about the man who was fit into the time he was born in.

My review for this movie: Must See Movie Of The Year!

Rating: 9/10




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