Skitch From Evernote Now Free on iPhone – Image Annotations, Notes and Maps

If you are familiar with Evernote you will know about their popular image annotation tools known as Skitch. Well, they just released an update to their popular tool with new visaul interfaces for MAC and iPad clients and a brand new iPhone app available for free on iTunes store.

The new iPhone version and the updated iPad version would be able to do almost all the stuff that Skitch is designed to do such as image annotations where you can draw arrows, text and just about anything. It also introduced new features such as pixelating images, highlighter, labeling a map and syncing across all devices.

Skitch can also detect words in any image making all the pictures text searchable and it is fully integrated with Evernote iPhone App. Check out the video below for Evernote blog to learn more about the new amazing features on Skitch for iPhone. You can download it with link below:

Skitch for iPhone Download Link – iTunes

For more info visit Evernote Blog

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