Taken 2 (2012) Movie Review

Taken 2
  • Plot: Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent, stopped at nothing to save his daughter Kim from Albanian kidnappers. The father of one of the kidnappers has sworn revenge and takes Bryan and his wife hostage during their family vacation in Istanbul. Bryan enlists his daughter to help them escape. Written by Anonymous
  • Director: Olivier Megaton
  • Country:France
  • Actors:
    Bryan Mills
    Liam Neeson
    Maggie Grace
    Famke Janssen
    Leland Orser
    Jon Gries
    D.B. Sweeney
    Luke Grimes
    Murad Krasniqi
    Rade Serbedzija
    Inspector Durmaz
    Kevork Malikyan
    Alain Figlarz
  • Writers:
    Luc Besson
    Robert Mark Kamen
  • Producers:
    Luc Besson
    Diloy Gülün
    line producer: Turkey  
    Michael Mandaville
    line producer  

Review (Might Contain Spoilers)

When I first saw Taken in 2008, I was surprised that Liam Neeson can pull off the macho hardcore action hero and so when the Taken 2 was announced and I saw the first trailers, I gave it a benefit of the doubt that it will be as much interesting as the first one if not more. But after seeing the movie, i can say it lacks the punches that the first one had and it does not even try to keep you interested in the plot with most of the story moves slowly and is painfully predictable. It lacks the intensity, drama, suspense and above all the action the first one had. It also fails to show the sense of emergency that the first one had with window for getting her daughter back alive getting smaller and smaller as the movie progressed but in the second one, he acts like he has all the time in the world to catch the bad guys and get back his loved ones.

The movie starts off with Murad Krasniqi (Rade Serbedzija) vowing to revenge the deaths of his son who were the bad guys in the first movie. Back in LA, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is trying to get more face time with his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) with him teaching her to drive and having a watchful eye over her. He is also trying to console her relationship with his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen). So when he comes to know that the plans set by her ex-wife has fallen apart, he invites the family over to Istanbul where he has a 3 day job. The movie after that is very predictable with bad guys trying to capture all three of Mills and Bryan Mills trying to catch them and finish them before they cause harm to his family.

The lack of context in this film coupled with annoying dialogues, repetitive scenes, huge plot holes and limited scope of the story make this movie simply unwatchable after a point. Take for example, Kim (Bryan’s Daughter) has failed driving test twice but can drive better than any racer on tiny streets that too with a stick drive. The bad guys fall as part of any game where they do not have any mind of their own and you can kill them very easily. The movie lacks all the excitement and entertainment that the first movie had. Overall, its simply a Blah type of movie.

My review for this movie: Predictable Storyline, Mediocre Action, Awful Seqeul!

Rating: 4/10




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